Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet, Grubby Grace

Warm weather evokes grubby children! I couldn't resist taking these photos of Grace's very dirt ridden face. If you think her face is dirty you should've seen her feet!!!! EWWW WEEE! They were several shades of black! :D I always say "my children go from two baths a week in the winter, to two baths a day in the summer"!!!

Notice the inspection this bloom is getting! :D I love photographing her! She is still so innocent!
As I was taking her picture she decided to grab a flower.
I especially love the dirt smudge on her nose! Sorry, these photos are not in sequence. I thought they would be but obviously, I uploaded them backwards.

1 comment:

Margee2007 said...

Awe my baby girl looks so sweet all dirty. She is a dollbaby anyway u look at her. I just love looking at blogs they r fun. Love Margee!