Thursday, April 17, 2008

Homework Assignment (Cherish)

Cherish had a homework assignment this week that consisted of making something from a recipe. She chose to make a cake. And of course, she wanted to deck it out with all my cake decorating goodies! :) Here she is putting the border around the bottom of the cake. Cherish decided to make the border and flowers with blue tinted icing.
Her she is, holding her prize in her hands. Hard work pays off! :)
A close up of her cake. She had a little help but she did a lovely job.

Cherish's teacher said it was probably the best tasting cake she'd ever eaten. Yay, she has 6 pieces left...... :D


Kim M. said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I love to make new friends. :-) We probably know a lot of the same people.
I enjoyed looking at your blog too... you & your daughter are very creative. Love the fondant cake, cards, and creative pics of your kiddos! I am crafty wanna-be.. meaning I am working on my crafting skills.
Nice to meet you!
Kim M. Indiana :-)

Margee2007 said...

Wow! An assignment for a high schooler. WTG Cherish!!!! The cake is very pretty. You're a very sweet girl. Love Margee!!

sankey family said...

Hi, Lori. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have enjoyed your blog this afternoon. I don't know if we've met although I will say, you look familiar. Possibly somewhere along the way...forgive me if I'm being forgetful.
The pictures of your children are adorable and wow, what a cake maker you are - I love the fondant cake, too!
Have a wonderful day! Stop by my blog anytime.
~ Melodie

Anonymous said...

wow cherish,what a lovely cake. you have a lot of talent like your mother and I'm glad your mother is letting you use it already. You go girl. Ilove you. mamaw

Bev said...

The cake is beautiful. How talented your daug. is. You must be so proud of her. Thanks for the visiting my blog too. Bev W.