Saturday, April 26, 2008


Cherish, was at home sick when school pictures were taken. That meant, I needed to take some pictures asap so she would have 2007-2008 school year pics. These aren't very fabu but it was almost dark so I had to do a lot of photo editing. Hopefully, I will get some better photos taken this week! One drawback will be Weston's birthday party this coming Sat. and I have to make the cake and do all the other fun stuff that parties bring! :) Cherish (9 almost 10)
~Fourth grade~

Photos of Family

Friday evening was Aubries 6th birthday party. So, I deliberately took my camera to ensure getting pictures of Joni and Jamie's children . Here's few of them...... Logan (9)

Garrett (7)
Aubrie (6), Katie (3 almost 4) Jacob Walker (jamie's 2 yr. old)

Jamie and baby Seth ( 2 mon. old )

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet, Grubby Grace

Warm weather evokes grubby children! I couldn't resist taking these photos of Grace's very dirt ridden face. If you think her face is dirty you should've seen her feet!!!! EWWW WEEE! They were several shades of black! :D I always say "my children go from two baths a week in the winter, to two baths a day in the summer"!!!

Notice the inspection this bloom is getting! :D I love photographing her! She is still so innocent!
As I was taking her picture she decided to grab a flower.
I especially love the dirt smudge on her nose! Sorry, these photos are not in sequence. I thought they would be but obviously, I uploaded them backwards.

Birthday Card For My Niece

This card was created today for a little niece of mine who's 6th birthday is being celebrated today! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aubrie!!!

This card measures 5.5 by 5.5 inches.

The colors consist of wild wasabi(green), pretty in pink, very vanilla, close to cocoa(brown) and a patterned paper(pink polka dotted)

The flowers are the punched out part of a flower punch. The flower centers are punched from a small circle punch.

The squares were eyeballed... :)

The sentiment is stamped on an oval punch and the cupcake was cut fom the sentiment and colored in withSU markers.

The ribbon is pink gingham.

Hopefully that made a little sense! :D

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is Duke, our family pet.......He is one and half years old.

This is a pussy willow tree we planted by the pond in the backyard.
Mike (my husband) built this pond in our backyard last summer. The kids enjoy watching the frogs the pond entices.

A photo of the back of our house this spring..... I can hardly wait to see everything bloomed and mature. Last year the plants and flowers around the pond were so big and beautiful!!
Now that the weather is getting warmer, the pond is starting to turn green again.... UGH!

Masculine Card

This card was made for todays way to use it challenge at

I don't really care for the way the photo came out but thought I would share it anyway.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This card was created for todays sketch challenge at I haven't used this stamp set for such a long time so, I thought I would put it to use today. I actually combined this card with yesterdays color challenge. TFL!

Melody's School Program

Melody had her first school program last week....... She enjoyed it very much. The stage was decorated with adorable flowers because the program was about bugs. All the children were dressed up like a bug. As you can see Melody was a ladybug.......Looking back, I realize I should've put black spots on the front of the costume. Duh! :D It was late when I made the costume and all I was thinking about was getting it done because she had to take it to school the next day! I can always add the spots if anyone else ever needs it. This is the stage, I thought it looked so Springy and cute!
Melody and some other bug mates! :)Melody in her ladybug costume.

Melody saying her part, she did exceptionally well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uncooperative Blog

The blog is malfuntioning today so, as of right now, I am unable to add photos. Hopefully, Soon!

Today is Weston's fifth birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

As soon as I get a chance I have new photos and stuff to ramble about...... :)

Check back in later today or tomorrow and I should have it updated.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Homework Assignment (Cherish)

Cherish had a homework assignment this week that consisted of making something from a recipe. She chose to make a cake. And of course, she wanted to deck it out with all my cake decorating goodies! :) Here she is putting the border around the bottom of the cake. Cherish decided to make the border and flowers with blue tinted icing.
Her she is, holding her prize in her hands. Hard work pays off! :)
A close up of her cake. She had a little help but she did a lovely job.

Cherish's teacher said it was probably the best tasting cake she'd ever eaten. Yay, she has 6 pieces left...... :D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Photos of Grace

As you can see, Grace did not need any coaching. She played it up for the camera. I could hardly keep up with her cute antics. These poses reflect her charming personality.

I also, have more pictures of Grace that I will have to add later. My good photo editing software takes up so much memory that it will only let me save a coupleof edtited photos at a time. I will have to have someone resolve that issue. I am not a whiz when it comes to computers!

Photos of Weston

Today found me taking pictures of Weston and Grace.....Suprisingly, Weston was very interested and cooperated with all my ideas. He usually likes to act goofy when he's getting his picture taken. His older sister was suprised at his cooperation. Overall, the pictures turned out very nice!
He helped me complete his outfit by adding the bandana .
Weston will be 5 in a few days! He's looking forward to his party. He wants a new guitar for his birthday. Turning 5 means he will be starting school this year. He enjoys learning . Mike has been taking him to work with him since the weather has gotten warmer and he loves it. Weston helped put shingles down on a roof and helped tear off siding. He bought a skate board with the money he earned.
I have several more pictures I want to upload. Maybe later tonight or tomorrrow?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fresh Cards

This is a card I made at Stamp Club this week. I really liked it!

I made this kind of quick for a cousin of mine whose b-day party was today. It could use some help! The color palatte is all wrong!
Cherish made this mini post it note clipboard at stamp club. She is her mother's daughter! :D
Another stamp club card......... We inked the edges of the ribbon with an orange marker.

Our stamp clup leader and Stampin' Up demo, gave us these cute choc. nuggets enclosed in a small tin box as a thank you for paticipating in the club. I believe it was a seven month commitment. We had a lot of fun!

This onesie card is one of the cutest ever!!! I love it! WE used a circle punch to make the neck and legs. And a scallop punch along with a circle punch to make the ruffles.

Fondant Cake

I made this in cake class today. It's the second fondant cake I've made. I made one a few years ago for my oldest daughters b-day. I love the neat crisp look the fondant creates!

Fondant icing is not only fun to work with, it makes a beautiful cake creation! The draw back of using fondant is it tastes really bad. The fondant is mainly made up of melted marshmellows and powdered sugar (and a few liquid ingredients), which leaves me wondering why it has such an unsavory flavor. I have yet to hear of anyone I know who likes the taste of it.

My New Braces

Thursday of this week, I had an apt. to get these contraptions put on my teeth. With hopes of straightening out some the damage I did to myself from a bad habit I had as a child. Yes, I was a thumb sucker, so, I have an over bite, crossbite and a palate that is too narrow. So far, the most painful part was the spacers I had to wear for a week. I'm also a little raw on the insides of my cheeks. Thankfully, the wax the dentist gave me to put over the brackets helps protect the insides of my mouth.
I must add, that eating has become a MAJOR chore. I am learning a NEW style of chewing (if you could call it chewing) , I think most things are going down mostly whole. :) I believe the end results will be worth it.