Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Penguin CUP*cake*

We had a surprise birthday party for my cousins 11 yr. old daughter while they were visiting and I needed something that was QUICK and CUTE! This is what I came up with......The total cost of the cake (minus the candles, I already had them on hand) was $9.00. I bought the penguin for $4.00 and the mini cupcakes for $5.00 (the mini cupcakes were 12 for $2.50, I bought two packs ) . I arranged the mini cupcakes around the penguin on a large oval platter. I used 11 mini cupcakes. I placed the extra mini cupcakes on a cupcake stand I had on hand. It held the rest of the mini cupcakes. And believe me! It was plenty of cake! We still have the whole penguin left and there was almost a whole pack of mini cupcakes left. Of course we had the cake with a meal and other deserts but if you just needed a cake as an accent to a party. This is a perfect way to go!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas photos 2008

Here's a few more photos......The odd shaped photos have been cropped.

We had an outside photo shoot for our family Christmas photos this year. It was freezing!!! Around 30 some degrees! We were more than ready to get back in where it was warm! It was getting dark so some of the pictures didn't turn out as well as they would've if they were taken earlier in the day. Happily, I got all the cards in the mail today!! What a relief to have that accomplished! I have more photos to add but blogger is not cooperating right now. I'll have more later.