Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Girls room photos

These photos are a little dark and grainy due to the fact that I didn't use flash. I should have taken a picture both ways to ensure that they were the right exposure, Anywho.....Here are few pictures of the older girls room.

This is Cherish's side of the room.

Melody's side of the room.
The foot of the bed with a view of the door and closet.
Their window seat and toy box.


Kelly S said...

I need to apologize because I deleted a comment that you left on my blog, thinking it was spam. I have been getting multiple spam comments that are viruses if you click on them. In fact, I got a virus from one of them so I've gotten really paranoid! When I clicked on your link, my computer started slowing down and I got several really odd error messages, so I thought it was another virus and deleted your comment - not realizing that you are actually somebody!:)

I'm so sorry and you are welcome to leave comments on my blog anytime!

I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. Your girl's room is darling. My little Katie would love it. Glad you got to enjoy a Collingsworth concert. We get to see them in concert next week at the Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati. The place holds approximately 3000 seats and a few weeks ago they had already sold 2500 tickets, so it should be a full house. It's exciting to see God blessing them!

Sherry L said...

Hey Lori - I like your blog! I'm glad you started one. I love seeing what all you are doing, as a busy mom of four. I stand in awe of all of your talents. You remind me of your mother-busy, busy, busy. Keep encouraged in Jesus. Love, Sherry D in Phoenix

loree2000 said...

Thanks, Sherry, for the sweet comment!

I'm SO glad you're feeling better!

The Lord is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Dear daughter, I'm glad you started blogging. I really enjoy looking at it. I'm amazed at all your talent. You are a precious daughter, I thank the Lord for my only daughter. Love Mom