Monday, March 31, 2008

Girls night out pics....

Left to right:Michelle, Maria, Margaret, Marisa, Cherish And me (Lori) at Bob Evans
Left to right:Courtney, Marisa, Brooklyn, and Maria
Olivia and Cherish.......Happy Birthday, Olivia (she will be 10 April 2nd)

Front row left to right: Olivia, Cherish, Courtney and Myself (Lori)
Back row: Michelle, Marisa, Maria, Brooklyn, Kim and My aunt Margaret (Margee)
Kim, me (Lori) and Brooklyn. Other than dark hair and dark eyes we really don't look that much alike side by side.

Left to right: Brooklyn, Courtney, Michelle (one of my bestest friends), Olivia and Kim

Drum roll please......... :D Here's our photos from our night of fun and worship.
We left early enough so we could go out to eat. We all decided on Bob Evans. It was yummy but took longer than we expected. The waiter took the pictures for us. He was very accomadating!

Fast foward to the concert........ It was wonderful! The Lord came and blessed us and there was NO denying His presence! May the Collingsworth family follow God in all they do. And may God help us all to stay out of the drift (it is getting more swift).
You all know how Kim C. attacks those pianos, she actually sent three black keys flying that night! They flew right of the keyboard and bounced across the patterned carpeted floor. I was telling a lady at church about it Sun. and she said " I wouldn't want her playing my piano . " Tee Hee!! No harm done, I'm sure it's fixed by now. :D
The girls also played very well ! I would LOVE to be able to play like that some day! I know, practice, practice !!!
I can't leave Mr. Phil out. He plays the trumpet out of this world! WOW, what will heaven sound like. If mere mortals can emit sound like that from earthen vessels, heaven in all it's Holy perfection is going to be unfathomable!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girls Night Out

These outings are few and far between . :) Tonight several friends and I are going to hear the Collingsworth in Nelsonville, Ohio. The Collingsworths are very talented, successful, and encouraging ! May they continue to uphold the TRUE gospel ! We need to pray for them as they let their light shine in circles some of us will never reach !
I plan on taking pictures, I'll post them soon. LW......

P.S. A few years ago, we took a family trip to Az. and on the flight back home (I had heard of the Collingsworth family but had never seen them) a lady asked me if I was related to them. So, I'll try to get a photo of my look alikes! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Family photos

This picture is kind of fuzzy. My mother took it and it was very dark so I tried to lighten it manually. This was taken a my parents house on Easter 2008 .
This photo is of my parents taken on Easter 08' .

A few more card photos

My favorite stamping supplies come from Stampin' Up. They have the best quality cardstock and ink . Their products are high quality.

Here's a few more of my favorites.

Card Crazy

This card is for a swap . I'm currently in a stamp club so I have to make 8 like this.
I made this card today 3-28-08 for a card challenge that can be found on . I had a hard time getting any contrast because the tones are so soft.
I will have to upload more cards later. I don't have too many stored on my computer. I usually delete them .

Card making and papercrafting is one of my favorite hobbies . Here are some cards I've created . Some are new and some are from a few months ago . is my FAVORITE stamping website !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lately, thanks to Heather Dickinson.<:O) I've gotten hooked on blogs! I love browsing through each one and seeing the amazing talent so many of you posses! It is refreshing and encouraging! I am a typical SAHM who loves anything crafty (card making, scrapbooking, a little sewing, decorating, shopping, photography, cake decorating, playing an instrument (well, I'm always never quite there) etc. Life is full of learning and I appreciate the strength and ability the Lord gives me to acomplish these tasks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

remodel pics

The walls are painted merlot and creams on gold. Each wall has has several coats of faux.
This room is so small it is hard to find the space to take a good photo. Without breaking up the room into small sections. This is the closet and the foot of the bed. Also, the door is on the opposite side of th closet which opens into a bathroom and the bathroom is off the kitchen.
This is taken from the door that opens into the bathroom. The totes under the bed are for extra space that is MUCH needed.
This is the view from my side of the bed. The doors that are visible contain the water heater and furnance. I also repainted and distressed the bed and chest of drawers.

This project was a BIG must. All four kids were sleeping in one room down stairs. And the older girls are old enough to NEED their privacy. So, Mike decided to split our large bedroom that we had upstairs into two rooms. One for the 2 older girls and the other for Weston and Grace. For the most part things went well but there was A LOT of work for me. Painting, moving clothes, furniture, decorating plus doing everyday activities in between! My mom helped me as much as she could, which lightened my load and helped keep me focused on not losing my sanity! :) The mess was one of the worst factors. Since we moved downstairs and the kids moved upstairs stuff was EVERYWHERE!! But the Lord granted the extra strength and endurance! Ultimately, we all survived and the kids enjoy their new space very much!

Again, these pictures are by request. I will post the kids room when I get some pics taken of them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My first attempt at a wedding cake.

The bridal bouquet.

Christmas Eve 2007
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007 & extended family
Christmas w/extended family at M&P Roop's

Left to right-Grace, Weston, Melody and Cherish. Easter 2008

Grace Easter 2008

2008 Family Update

This year has been very busy for us. January wasn't much more than a blur, it went by so quickly! In Feb. we went to Hobe Sound camp and had a great time! March has proved to be just as busy. It's been crammed with activities......A birthday, dctr. and dental apts., a wedding (which included me making the cake, decorating the church etc., and taking the wedding photos) which was fun but tiring!
Our children are growing like fertilized weeds. :) Cherish is almost 10 and weighs as much as I do. My shoes are also too small for her. Next summer she may be my equal in height. She is a very helpful child. Given a task she usually does it well! She is quite responsible.
Melody is seven now and growing as well, she enjoys school and her favorite subject is math. She is very sweet and loving.
Our little boy is 5 now......My how time flies! He will start kindergarten this fall and he seems to like the idea of starting school. He has matured so much this year. He's such a sweet little guy. My MIL told me a cute story about him the a week or so ago. As they were walking back from our community store they came across some neighbor children who was eyeing Westons new pack of gum. My MIL encouraged Weston to share it (seeing there was enough for everyone). So one of the little boys sticks his hand out for a piece and Weston told him, he had to wait because his mom (me) told him that girls are always first! :) I was impressed of course because we wonder somethimes how much we teach them really sinks in! I hope he grows up to be a fine christian gentleman.
Last but not least, our darling Grace. She is our social bug! She loves to be around people! Making people laugh is a highlight for her. I can hardly believe she will be 3 in June. Her newest THING is telling us she loves about every 5 minutes or so! :) She also loves to talk and talk and talk, life is not boring with her around! :)
On to Mike and I, this years marks our 14th wedding anniversary! Wow! Life is like a vapor as the Bible says! It is so important to kep in mind that only whats done for Christ will last! God has blessed us abundantly, I love Him better every D-A-Y ! He is my BEST friend!
Now, I will try to post some pictures for someone requested me to do so.