Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was heralded in by soft, white snowflakes. The kids were ecstatic. They were out playing in it before school trying to find enough snow to make snowballs. It has snowed on and off all day. None of it stuck around very long. It was fun while it lasted! Melody adoring her snowball.

Melody showing off her snowball.
Grace trying to stay dry under an umbrella.

It's hard to see the snow in the photo. But it was sticking to their hair and clothes.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 New Cards

This is a shaker card.
This card is called a spinner card. It is made with two pennies.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Few New Cards

Just thought I'd share some of the cards I've made recently.......

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stamp/Craft Room

I feel very blessed to have this space to let my creativity flow. This room has evolved over a period of time. Mike has brought and bought different pieces home over the last 2-3 yrs. The cabinet was his grandmothers. The buffet was a church camp reject. He bought the table and chairs at an auction. We painted this spring and I just bought some of the decorations at an awesome yard sale this summer. The stuff was SO cheap! The saltbox house picture was around 3.00 dollars. The lamp was like 5.00 and it has a metal lampshade with piercing designs on it. The border was 3.00 a roll at Lowes. I love clearance!!! I've been wanting to take pictures of this room for awhile now. Today just happened to be the day I followed through! :) One of the best things about this room is it's a balcony (loft) type space. I can still hear almost everything going on around the house! The kids have to go through it to get to their bedrooms and I can see the front door and living room from where I'm sitting!

My 31st Birthday

Please forgive the horrible pictures of me! I was very blessed (not really) to have had the stomach bug that week. All that aside, my birthday (Nov 1st) was fabulous! Cherish made me a cake and Mike took me shopping at the Oulet Mall!! I received several nice gifts!! Mike bought me COACH handbag and wristlet and also gave me a 100.00 dollars to spend. My MIL gave me a Tupperware sprinkle/spice set with turntable. My mom bought me Pampered Chef scoops. Maybe I'll get photos of the gifts posted at some point?! :D To all who contributed to my Birthday joy. THANKS SO MUCH!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Granny and Clan

We had a fun Trick-or-Treat this year. The kids had fun dressing up and walking around our neighborhood. The older people enjoyed handing out candy and seeing the kids dressed up! As you can see Cherish is dressed up as a Granny. This is such a fun and easy costume. We have an older lady next door and she loaned us her cane, purse and shaw. I powdered her hair and the rest of the stuff we had around here. Cherish loves this costume! She looks and acts hilarious! We crack up at her!

This is off the subject but I want to add that Cherish (5th grade) made A HONOR ROLL and ALL her other subjects were S+ this quarter!!! Not only was she excited. We were too! Way to go Girl!!! Melody (2nd grade) had one B (that was around 2 points from being an A) and the rest of the subjects were A's. She is doing so well in school too! Melody's math grade was 97. To me, that's pretty good!! So far, Weston is the top boy in his class. It has suprised me how well he does! I was concerned at first because I know for the most part boys are behind girls when they start school. Thankfully, I worried needlessly. Weston was born blessed with a quick learning ability. He started school knowing a few basic skills and now he can write to 100, count to 100, he recognizes all the upper and lower letters, knows all the letter sounds and recognizes and recites 31 site words. They have only been in school a little over two months. So, he has made leaps and bounds!! God is so good! I am very thankful for the children he has blessed us with! My greatest desire is that they grow up with a desire to serve God!