Saturday, April 12, 2008

My New Braces

Thursday of this week, I had an apt. to get these contraptions put on my teeth. With hopes of straightening out some the damage I did to myself from a bad habit I had as a child. Yes, I was a thumb sucker, so, I have an over bite, crossbite and a palate that is too narrow. So far, the most painful part was the spacers I had to wear for a week. I'm also a little raw on the insides of my cheeks. Thankfully, the wax the dentist gave me to put over the brackets helps protect the insides of my mouth.
I must add, that eating has become a MAJOR chore. I am learning a NEW style of chewing (if you could call it chewing) , I think most things are going down mostly whole. :) I believe the end results will be worth it.


Rae Screen said...

Any updates on the braces? Have they come off now? Small pains and sacrifices might be necessary to have good wellbeing, since some teeth misalignment problems lead to migraines and subtle health issues.

Rae Screen

Melisa Guyette said...

I know exactly what you went through! Back in high school, I had to wear braces for a couple of years to correct the alignment of my lower teeth and my upper teeth (you could literally fit my pinky in the gap between them). It took me a while to adjust as well, but in the end it was all worth it. My teeth are much better these days, and I smile more confidently now!

Randal Cole said...

You can literally fit your pinky in the gap between your lower and upper teeth? Wow! That’s some story. :D I had my braces too, but I don’t have a story like that. Anyway, “no pain, no gain,” right?
- Randal Cole -