Monday, March 31, 2008

Girls night out pics....

Left to right:Michelle, Maria, Margaret, Marisa, Cherish And me (Lori) at Bob Evans
Left to right:Courtney, Marisa, Brooklyn, and Maria
Olivia and Cherish.......Happy Birthday, Olivia (she will be 10 April 2nd)

Front row left to right: Olivia, Cherish, Courtney and Myself (Lori)
Back row: Michelle, Marisa, Maria, Brooklyn, Kim and My aunt Margaret (Margee)
Kim, me (Lori) and Brooklyn. Other than dark hair and dark eyes we really don't look that much alike side by side.

Left to right: Brooklyn, Courtney, Michelle (one of my bestest friends), Olivia and Kim

Drum roll please......... :D Here's our photos from our night of fun and worship.
We left early enough so we could go out to eat. We all decided on Bob Evans. It was yummy but took longer than we expected. The waiter took the pictures for us. He was very accomadating!

Fast foward to the concert........ It was wonderful! The Lord came and blessed us and there was NO denying His presence! May the Collingsworth family follow God in all they do. And may God help us all to stay out of the drift (it is getting more swift).
You all know how Kim C. attacks those pianos, she actually sent three black keys flying that night! They flew right of the keyboard and bounced across the patterned carpeted floor. I was telling a lady at church about it Sun. and she said " I wouldn't want her playing my piano . " Tee Hee!! No harm done, I'm sure it's fixed by now. :D
The girls also played very well ! I would LOVE to be able to play like that some day! I know, practice, practice !!!
I can't leave Mr. Phil out. He plays the trumpet out of this world! WOW, what will heaven sound like. If mere mortals can emit sound like that from earthen vessels, heaven in all it's Holy perfection is going to be unfathomable!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Lori, I love the picture of you on the rocks. You also do an awsome job wording on your blog. I'm proud to call you my daughter. love mom

loree2000 said...

Thanks, I love you too !

Aimee said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. =) I enjoyed visiting yours also and especially liked seeing your card creations!

kayla said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding my door. That post was a lot of fun. I do remember you from campmeeting. Hope you can come back next year.
Enjoyed seeing the pics from the concert. They are a wonderful family.