Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Family Update

This year has been very busy for us. January wasn't much more than a blur, it went by so quickly! In Feb. we went to Hobe Sound camp and had a great time! March has proved to be just as busy. It's been crammed with activities......A birthday, dctr. and dental apts., a wedding (which included me making the cake, decorating the church etc., and taking the wedding photos) which was fun but tiring!
Our children are growing like fertilized weeds. :) Cherish is almost 10 and weighs as much as I do. My shoes are also too small for her. Next summer she may be my equal in height. She is a very helpful child. Given a task she usually does it well! She is quite responsible.
Melody is seven now and growing as well, she enjoys school and her favorite subject is math. She is very sweet and loving.
Our little boy is 5 now......My how time flies! He will start kindergarten this fall and he seems to like the idea of starting school. He has matured so much this year. He's such a sweet little guy. My MIL told me a cute story about him the a week or so ago. As they were walking back from our community store they came across some neighbor children who was eyeing Westons new pack of gum. My MIL encouraged Weston to share it (seeing there was enough for everyone). So one of the little boys sticks his hand out for a piece and Weston told him, he had to wait because his mom (me) told him that girls are always first! :) I was impressed of course because we wonder somethimes how much we teach them really sinks in! I hope he grows up to be a fine christian gentleman.
Last but not least, our darling Grace. She is our social bug! She loves to be around people! Making people laugh is a highlight for her. I can hardly believe she will be 3 in June. Her newest THING is telling us she loves about every 5 minutes or so! :) She also loves to talk and talk and talk, life is not boring with her around! :)
On to Mike and I, this years marks our 14th wedding anniversary! Wow! Life is like a vapor as the Bible says! It is so important to kep in mind that only whats done for Christ will last! God has blessed us abundantly, I love Him better every D-A-Y ! He is my BEST friend!
Now, I will try to post some pictures for someone requested me to do so.


Angela's Stampin' World said...

Great blog, love all the pictures, and the cake came out really nice. The picture of Grace is adorable.

Anonymous said...

you are doing a GREAT job on your blog. Hope others will view it. You are my favorite daughter! I LOVE YOU.