Monday, May 5, 2008

Weston's Birthday Party

Mike decided he wanted to have a bean dinner for Weston's party...... We peeled and sliced 50lbs. of potatoes (for fried taters), made 20 some boxes of cornbread and he cooked 10lbs. of beans with a BIG ham. The beans were cooked outside in a HUGE cast iron pot over a propane flame all night. Everything was yummy!! Mike loves to cook like that! I am HAPPY to leave that to him!!!! It gives me time for the extras.....

Cherish and I made these treat bags for the party. We used white paper sacks and stamped the football images on them. We also, used a word window punch to create the handles.
Here are a couple of lollipop suckers we made. One is a helmet and the other is a football. We made around 80 of these.

When I asked Weston what kind of theme he wanted for his cake this year he said a "football cake".
We had been to a birthday party and the boy there had a football field cake. So, that is what I made. He loved it! Don't laugh at the field, this cake is for looks, not done to scale! :) I now know that the 50 yard. line is the middle of the field. :) Weston had fun opening his gifts.

Weston didn't get to blow out his candles the day of the party because it was VERY windy and the candles wouldn't stay lit! So, let him do it the next day.
Party day dawned cool, windy and rainy! We were disappointed but glad for the tents.
The rain and wind hindered the decorating process!
I made two cakes for the party to ensure having enough for everyone. One would have been just right but better safe than sorry and it was good practice! There was just over 50 people that came. We invited more but the weather kept several people from attending. I've always heard to expect half of all you invite.


Anonymous said...

Everything was great. You and Mike always do an awesome job. Weston isa dollbaby. Love mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, Check out all that GRASS! A lot of work for sure. Great job on the cakes. Angela

Margee2007 said...

Weston is so adorable. You all have great get togethers for the family. Glad Weston had a good day. Love Aunt Margee!

Melanie C. said...

What a great mother you are - so creative! Love the cakes...