Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bowls Of Fun

Saturday night we went bowling in Kentucky (We stayed at Marisa And Angus's house the whole weekend). It was the first for Mike, Weston and Mel, they LOVED it. We all had our oopsies! The shoes were so slick Mike tripped over himself a couple times! :) He was NOT impressed !
I completely dropped one of the balls, my fingers slipped right out of the holes. The bumpers were up for the kids and they were still rolling gutter balls! :D For kids, I think they did well! They even threw several strikes!

The good thing is the bowling alley was in a dry county so there was no smoking or alcohol. When we got there we were the only ones there.

How amazing is this? I won the second game, which was sorta impressive since we ladies were playing against two big guys! :D


Grace was the ball keeper...She stood right by the ball chute and rolled each one of us our ball. She kept track of each persons ball and knew which one we were using. :)

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Angela said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

The Benningtons said...

owling is one of our favorite things to do. ALL of is - even my brother and his fam, sis and her fam and my parents. We bowl A LOT! DJ is the bowling KING! LOL

The Benningtons said...

Um - you know I meant bowling right LOL. Now owling.

Margee2007 said...

Glad u all had fun.