Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids Art & Projects

Cherish made this Mother's Day card for me at school. She made the flowers out of pipe cleaners, which was a VERY crafty idea! :) I thought it was a class project but she said she was the only one in her class that made the flowers out of pipe cleaners! You go girl! :D
Melody has a gift I LACK and that is drawing. I CANNOT draw worth a hoot! She, on the other hand, has drawn some GREAT stuff. IMO! :) Of course, I am her mother so there is a little partiality there. :0) I loved the details in this drawing if you look closely in the photo below you may see where I'm coming from! Her art teacher told her "That is a refrigerator picture".
Notice how the dolphin is jumping out of the water, there's a crab, a treasure chest, clam, jellyfish, seaweed and even a diver. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE


lila said...

awesome job Cherish and Mel. You girls are going to be great homemakers like your mother.

Angela said...

The girls did a good job, I really like that jumping dolphin.

Kim M. said...

your girls did a great job!