Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Penguin CUP*cake*

We had a surprise birthday party for my cousins 11 yr. old daughter while they were visiting and I needed something that was QUICK and CUTE! This is what I came up with......The total cost of the cake (minus the candles, I already had them on hand) was $9.00. I bought the penguin for $4.00 and the mini cupcakes for $5.00 (the mini cupcakes were 12 for $2.50, I bought two packs ) . I arranged the mini cupcakes around the penguin on a large oval platter. I used 11 mini cupcakes. I placed the extra mini cupcakes on a cupcake stand I had on hand. It held the rest of the mini cupcakes. And believe me! It was plenty of cake! We still have the whole penguin left and there was almost a whole pack of mini cupcakes left. Of course we had the cake with a meal and other deserts but if you just needed a cake as an accent to a party. This is a perfect way to go!!