Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jordan-Long Time No See

This past week has been extra special for us! My nephew Jordan flew in from Arizona. Unfortunately, he could only stay for five days. He has year round schooling and he has to go back this coming Monday the 21st. Here's some pictures from his visit.Mamaw and Cherish made this welcome sign for us to hold up at the airport. Papaw and Jordan coming out to meet us.
WOW! Jordan has GROWN a bunch since any of us had last seen him! He is 5 ft. 6 in. and weighs almost as much as his papaw. And he won't be 13 til Oct.....
After we picked him up at the airport we took him out to eat and then went Magic Mountain. He won a 100 tickets at this game. He was sweet and used his tickests on his little cousins.
Mamaw watching Jordan palying a racing game.
Mel and Weston playing around.
Cherish and Jordan being silly.

Jordan couldn't wait to ride the quad. The downside, they rode them so much the dust got unbearable.
On Tues, we went to Tecumsah. It's an outdoor drama and it contains Ohio history.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, he has grown! He lives very near to us now.

The Vest Family said...

It sure was good to see him. I about fell over seeing how much he has grown. Your kids too! They see to sprout up overnight. Wish you could have come with your mom and Margee to see us. Maybe soon we can get together. Love your sight!!

lila said...

Thank you Mike and Lori for helping us old folk entertain Jordan. It was so fun to have him here.

Margee2007 said...

It was good to see Jordan. And yes WOW he's a big boy. I'm glad he had a great time while he was here. He had an eventful week.:))